Well, this is all a bit exciting!

Well hello there, come on in, get yourself comfy and I will begin. Welcome to my blog, it may not be much to look at yet, but I’m a bit overwhelmed by all the different options and settings at the moment; hopefully I will figure it all out soon enough so that I can make it all a bit more homely and pretty here. It looks as though I have a lot to learn to make this blog look half decent. The reason I’m starting this blog is not because I think I have such an amazingly interesting life that the whole world needs to read about it, but because I am starting a journey as such and I wanted a way to document it all and make links with other people who may be interested in what it is I do. I’m attempting to set up my own business, and it’s quite a daunting task. I’ve never done anything like this before, but I am determined to give it my very best shot. I may fail miserably, but I’d rather try and fail than always wonder what if. It is my dream to make handmade clothes, toys, gifts and accessories, as I’m at my most content when creating something. My happy place is in my sewing room, plotting, designing, figuring out and creating things. I’ve quit my full time job, well admittedly I did that to go traveling, but now that I’m back I want to see if I can make this dream of mine a reality before my savings run out and I have to hold my hands up, admit defeat and go back to working for the man *shudder*!


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