Meet Babbit. A one of a kind, prototype created in my sewing laboratory. An experiment that once finished looked rather sad on the shelf, it’s little happy face looking hopeful that life had something exciting to offer. Then, eureka! It hit me (not the rabbit you understand, that would make it an evil babbit and this story would take a very different turn). A very special friend of mine has a very special little girl who just happened to be having a birthday, little Esme would be turning two, and she would be the perfect owner for little Babbit the orphan rabbit. I tucked Babbit into a little box and posted it off the the shire of Hereford. What an adventure little Babbit had. A few days later I recieved the sweetest answerphone message I think I have ever had the pleasure of recieving. Little Esme had called to say “thank you for my babbit, I love my Babbit, thank you Aunty Amy, mwah!”. With a big smile on my face and a warm feeling in my tummy, I was reminded of why I love making things so very much.

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