Last week I hit a creative brick wall, I had ‘meh’ moment and a little wobble. I had been doing so well at staying positive, motivated and inspired, and then ‘meh’. I even felt a bit down about everything. I suddenly and irrationally felt as though I wasn’t good enough and that what I was trying to create wasn’t good enough. I think I had just been putting too much pressure on myself, forcing myself to make stuff when I wasn’t feeling inspired or creative because I felt I should fill my online shop immediately if not sooner so I can start to make a living because I haven’t made much money from all my long hours of creating yet and if I don’t then I might as well get a real job that gives me a regular predictable wage but not much job satisfaction and it was all a bit much *sharp intake of breath*!! However, some encouraging words from my very good friends, the launching of my fan page on facebook, and the sale of a commision piece gave me a rather pleasant kick up the backside and all is well again, hurrah! However, I haven’t actually made anything since my ‘meh’ moment…. But I’m filled with lots more enthusiasm which is a good start! The trouble is, when you are working for yourself from home, it’s hard to know when to take a break or day off and I think I had worn myself out, physically and creatively. I took a couple of days off from designing and making things and in an attempt to revive myself, I spent the past few days moving my sewing laboratory from my parents dining room to the spare room which has felt very theraputic. I now have my own space to create rather than feeling like I’m gatecrashing someone elses space. It also gave me an excuse to go to Ikea and buy lots of amusingly named shiznit that I don’t really need but simply must have and that’s justification enough for me. Sooooo, in my new happy place formally plainly known as the spare room, I shall set about making something lovely, well, just as soon as I drag my procrastinating bottom out of bed in the morning/ afternoon (all that moving of stuff has left me a tad worn out). Night night folks, I need my creative beauty sleep, sweet dreams, mwah! Xxx

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