Me and my dad.

My dad is called Bill. He is a very clever man. When I was a kid I believed my dad could do anything; if something was broken, he could fix it. If something needed to be built, he could build it. If something needed to be lifted, he could lift it (I used to think my dad was secretly a super hero with super human strength!). If something needed to be sorted out, he would sort it, no matter what the problem, dad knew what to do. Truth is, my dad can still do all these things, and I think he’s great. I’m lucky to have such an amazing dad and I’m proud that he’s mine. As well as all these things, my dad is a brilliant artist. He worked as a graphic designer for most of his working life, and I’ve always admired his skill and talent. These days my dad is a caretaker at a local primary school (I think it’s a sort of semi retirement for him, he still works hard, but has much less stress). The kids there adore him, and I love it when I can go to the school to visit and see him in action, it’s so sweet to see how well he gets on with the kids. He runs a little art class for the kids at the school and its proved a real success. I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with the class this week, and I’m very excited. One of the kids designed a reverse vodoo doll, an oodov doll to be precise. Instead of doing bad, it does good. When I heard about it I thought it was truly brilliant! My dad asked me if I could create the doll for him, and I jumped at the chance. I was so excited by it all that I asked him to extend the offer to the rest of the class; if they designed a character I would create it for them. My dad bought home their little designs today and they were adorable. I can’t wait to get stitching! I will keep you posted as to how they turn out.

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