I have a bit of a strange obsession with books. To me they are works of art, so beautiful and captivating. I am a bit of a collector of books, I have books on my shelf that I have never read; I was enticed by the cover, the blurb, recommendations from others, or seduced by the knowledge contained within that they may impart on me. Books have always been a big feature in our house. For all her working life my mother was a librarian and as a result there are vast bookcases filled with all kinds of literary and artistic wonders. My love of books comes from this high presence of books in the house while growing up, and also from the appreciation of stories that my mum read or recommended to me, and in the pictures of art books shown to me by my dad. I still much prefer referring to books to look up information than to  searching the internet. However, I am dyslexic, and often struggle to read, or I’m too easily distracted to stay focused on what I’m reading. So when a book comes along that I simply can’t put down it’s a magical find for me, and I can’t wait to pass it on to someone else, or find someone else who has read it to talk to about it.

Recently I received a book called “The Handmade Market Place” by Kari Chapin (available here at Amazon) and I am obsessed by it!To anyone who is thinking of selling the creations that they make, this book is simply amazing. It is packed full of advice and tips for getting your business off the ground and has been invaluable to me. It has really inspired me and helped me to move forward with Gizmo and Stitch. Despite being an American book, it is still very relevant to crafters in the U.K. and a very enjoyable read. I’m still working my way through it, and just writing to you about it is making me salivate for a little bit more, so I’m off to read another chapter (or 3) before bed. xx

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