Day of fun!

Yaaaaaaaaay!!! I’ve got my first entirely free day in aaaaages tomorrow *does a little dance*.
I’ve been feeling the symptoms of sewing withdrawl and I need a fix, stat!
Sooooo, tomorrow, after a lovely snuggly lay in, I will plonk myself inside the confines of the sewing lab and start experimenting with some new creations.
It will be a guilty pleasures day of the highest order. In between all the slighty crazed designing and stitching I will weave in the reading of other peoples beautiful and inspiring blogs, chowing down on some of my most favourite nom nom nom foods, drinking herbal tea infusions, watching re runs of my favourite tv shows, and ordering new fabric possibly even from overseas! Ooooh I’m getting so stupidly excited!! Watch this space for the results of my truely indulgent day. Huzzah and booya!! Have a lovely day peeps! Xx

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