A new babbit in town.

Early this morning, just as the sun was beginning to rise after visiting the other side of the planet, I was woken by a strange tapping sound……

*tap-tap* *boing* *thump* it went…

It was coming from the little blue knitting case….

I rubbed my sleepy little eyes, pulled back the duvet and went to investigate – a little anxiously in must be said, for I was not expecting the balls of wool and knitting needles within to be going “tap-tap boing thump”, especially at such an ungodly hour of the morning.

I cautiously undid the latches of the little blue knitting case….

I slowly lifted the lid…..

And there he was! Newly birthed this very weekend by the contents of Nanny Kings knitting case, a new babbit in town, and Tatty Babbit is his name. Boy he looked sweet sitting there amongst the balls of wool.

“Why hello there” said I to the Tatty Babbit, lifting him from the case to sit in the sun.

The Tatty Babbit looked back at me a little shyly and with a look of worry on his face. You see, he was a little self conscious as he was very naked (he was after all only in his birthday suit), and a few of his stitches were a bit on the wonk (drinking + knitting = not such a good idea). He was worried that the other creations from the sewing lab would laugh at him. I gave him a hug, and promised to start work on creating a wardrobe for him. Reassured, Tatty Babbit is waiting excitedly for his new clothes, and a new owner. 

5 thoughts on “A new babbit in town.

    • Aww why thank you Karin, your lovely comment put a huge silly grin on my face 🙂 I have to admit that I had to google what “greenback” was, it’s not a term I had heard here in the UK. It refers to one one of the US dollar bills right? I like it! I think I will make it my new buzz word for money and see if I can officially make it part of the British vocabulary 😉 hope your well and having a lovely day! Xx

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