Oh dear… I appear to have gone and broken myself…

A couple of days ago, after a fun-filled day in London town and a few cheeky drinkies, I had a rather pathetically stupid accident. My slightly drunken little feet where doing their usual ‘left, right, left, right’ thing, when suddenly my right foot decided to mix it up a bit. Instead of going forward in its usual fashion, it opted to go upside down, possibly just because it desired to break free of the monotony of its usual duties. It buckled under me, I went bottom over breasticles, and the ligaments in my ankle/foot/heal went snap. Owieee! It was, and still is, really very sore. Rather embaressingly I ended up in A&E. I am now on crutches and out if action for a few weeks. Nooooooooo! I’m going to get cabin fever! I’m already bored of it all and am climbing – well limping and dragging myself – up the walls! 

I just wanted to apologise for the lack of posts this week, I was laid up in bed feeling most sorry for myself and a bit whacked out on pain killers. I sadly cannot operate my beloved sewing machine, but I can knit (yay, a saviour!), so I will hopefully have a new creation for you all soon! I know that Tatty Babbit will be pleased, I’m busy creating him some clothes to wear as well as making a little lady Babbit to keep him company. Maybe we will soon hear the teeny tiny patter-hops of some ickle baby Babbits! Watch this space!

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