Lovely, lovely people.

My lovely mummy has a lovely friend called Jean, who has a lovely sister called Ruth. These two sisters have both been very kind to me. When I was living in remote Africa going a little stir crazy, lovely Jean sent me a wonderful parcel filled to the brim with DVDs and books to prevent me from going insane, and I was blown away by her thoughtfulness and kindness. Her sister Ruth, a very talented dressmaker, heard that I love to sew and since I have been back in the UK she has been very generously donating beautiful fabrics to me. I have a bit of a fabric obsession, and a serious lack of funds as a result of my travels meant I couldn’t afford to get my fix. But thanks to Ruth’s amazing generosity I have been able to feed my guilty pleasure once more. Just look at some of the delights I received today;

As well as a copy of American magazine ‘Stitch’, a Quilting Arts publication.

Its brilliant! It’s got so many projects and patterns in it that I don’t know which one to make first! I feel like a kid hyped up on oodles of sweeties! Yummy!

I definitely will be making one of these:

So very cute!

There are many, many more delicious things to create in this magazine, all of which can be downloaded for free at the quilting arts website –

So thank you dear Ruth and Jean, thank you for helping to keep me sane! I am really very grateful to you both. I am an extremely lucky little lady.

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