Well hello there folks of the magic tinterweb madoodle! I hope you are all well and lovely and had a most fantastical weekend.

Tatty Babbit and I have gone on an awfully big adventure to the wonderful shire of Hereford. It’s so very beautiful here! Lots of green things growing and lots of furry things scurrying. Bliss.

Tatty Babbit has been happily united with his new owner Ollie and they seem to be making very good friends, aww!

Ollie and Tatty Babbit, bless!!

My lovely friend Laura and myself have taken a little road trip from Hereford to Swansea, our old university town and stomping ground where we met 8 years ago, my how time flies! It’s been lovely exploring the old place again, all very nostalgic and a tad emotional. We celebrated with a few cheeky tipples at lunchtime. I will admit that it may not have been the wisest of plans as lunchtime drunkies renders me entirely powerless to prevent random impulse buying of pretty things. We went to the gallery of local artist Kerry Evans, I fell in love with one of her paintings and ended up buying it! Oops! I don’t regret it now that I am sober as I love it so very much! Phew, lucky escape 🙂 it could have been so much more random and therefore so much worse.

We are staying in Swansea overnight in a lovely B&B called “Christmas Pie” selected entirely because of it’s very pretty name. We will head back to the shire tomorrow and I will be back in the big smoke by Wednesday. Too brief a holiday for my liking, sob, but very very wonderful. Speak soon my lovelies! Mwah! Xxx

2 pitchers in 50 mins, not bad going!

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