Bluebell Babbit

Meet Miss Bluebell Babbit. Bluebell Babbit says “Jingle Jangle” which translates from Babbit to English as “Hello”. She’s very excited to meet you.

While I was away on my holibops, the sewing laboratory was left unattended. I had warned the creations to be good, and not to cause any mischief. When I returned, all seemed in order, nothing was out of place and I was proud of the creations for behaving themselves. “Phew” I thought.

However, when I picked up Miss Babbit from the shelf to finish her she made a sound that little babbits don’t usually make. “Jingle Jangle” she said. At first I dismissed the unusual sound and carried on with my work, I thought I must surely be mistaken by what I had heard .  Alas no, for when I began to stitch on her new shoes she said “Jingle Jangle” again!

After some investigating I got to the bottom of the mystery. It would seem that while I was away, Miss Babbit had snuck into the woods behind my house for a little explore. She had seen the woods from the sewing laboratory window and was curious. While on her little excursion she had grown rather peckish and stopped to nibble on some beautiful bluebells. They were so tasty she ate, and ate, and ate! Oh dear, little fabric rabbits shouldn’t feast on bluebells, they stick in their tummys and cause them to make a jingle jangle sound forever more, there is no cure. Luckily, this Miss Babbit quite likes her new Jingle Jangle tummy, so I called her Bluebell, a name she thinks is simply wonderful.

Miss Bluebell Babbit is now finished and ready to leave the sewing laboratory. She’s wearing her Gizmo and Stitch label, and is all ready to find an owner. Bluebell is completely child friendly (she loves babies!), no choking hazards here! She measures 14 inches tall and is fully house trained. She is for sale at £15 of your English pounds plus £2 p&p within the UK. If would like to purchase her and give her a new home please email me at Happy weekend people! xx

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