Night-night Jumble Cat.

I made a deal with little Jospehine (Jumble Cat’s owner) that if she was a good girl, did her homework nicely and behaved well all week I would make Jumble Cat an accessory of her choosing.

All week Josephine was on her very best behavior. She did her homework without complaining and she did as she was asked with a smile and without having to be asked twice.

And so, when Friday came I asked little Josephine “what would you like for Jumble Cat as a reward for being so good?”. She paused for a moment and considered this very carefully. “I think”, said she after much thought, “that Jumble Cat needs a proper mattress to sleep on as the poor thing cannot be very comfortable sleeping on the toilet paper bed that I made for him. Besides, he needs his sleep so that he can have lots of energy to play with me”. “Very well” said I, “I shall see what I can do”.

I went to my drawing board and came up with a plan. I went to the sewing laboratory and set to work. “Snip snip” said the scissors. “whir-whir” said the sewing machine. “stuff-stuff” said the stuffing. “ouch-ouch” yelped I as I stabbed my bloomin fingers for the millionth time that day. As the sun went down and the work was done, I stood back to gaze upon my creation. “I hope she likes it” thought I.

Thankfully, she absolutely loved it! I received yet another uber hug and she told me it looked “very professional”! Bless!! Jumble Cat seemed to quite like it too, and apparently he slept much better that night.

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