Whose a lucky lady?

My wonderfully fabulous, gorgeously lovely friend Isi popped over the other day for tea and to pick up some creations she had ordered. And, bless her little cotton socks, she came baring gifts! “Happy Birthday!” she said as I excitedly tore open the surprisingly  unexpected  present, “Sorry this is late, like the latest late present ever!” read the card. I had been living in South Africa when it was my birthday in January, so I was totally surprised and very touched to be receiving a present in August! And what a gorgeous and incredibly thoughtful gift it was too!

A fantastically gorgeous Cath Kidston knitting bag!! With beautiful balls of wool inside!! It was love at first sight for me and the knitting bag, I absolutely adore it!

Hum-a-na hum-a-na!


Just look at those beautiful colours!! I love them!


Isi is so very brilliant at picking gifts for people, they are always so thoughtful and perfect for the person she is giving them to, although she will always apologise for it being wrapped craply (even though it will be beautifully wrapped), or she will think its rubbish (even though its amazing!), bless her bones! 

I am a very, very lucky lady indeed! Thank you Isi for being so very wonderful, for being such a fabulous friend, and for my delightfully divine birthday present, you are a legend! Mwah! xxxxx


5 thoughts on “Whose a lucky lady?

  1. Im ridiculously obsessed with my new knitting bag! I’m totally in love with it! I actually took it to bed and hugged it the other day. It gives me an excuse to car my knitting around with me everywhere I go too 🙂

    • Hello knitnstitch! I just checked out your blog, and its awesome! I shall be putting a link to your blog on my blog roll 🙂 I love Cath Kidston too, but have never been able to justify buying anything from the range, life dictates that money gets spent on dull things, boooo, hisss! Hope you have a happy Sunday! xx

      • Thank you so much!! You’ve made my day!! 🙂 I know what you mean…I’m still lusting after it though but I have to be a sensible adult and do the bills first! 😦 Hope you had a good day to! x

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