Knitted kitty portrait

This adorable, fluffy little kitty belongs to my good pal Lucy, the Urban Goblin.…..

…..and Dennis is his name. Oooooo I just wanna snuggle up to him!! He looks so very cuddly! I miss having kitty’s very much, they are so very ace.

Lucy and I met a few months ago when we both enrolled at the local adult education college to do an Etching course. On my first day I sat anxiously and wide-eyed in the unfamiliar room, surrounded by medieval looking printing presses, my nose being tickled by the smell of acid and ink. I surveyed the room, checking out my new classmates, all of whom were on the side of elderly, working in a respectful calm and quietness. I have to confess my heart sank a little. I love getting the chance to meet new people and have a bit of banter and a good old natter while  learning a new craft, and it was quite evident that the people in this class were there to etch in peace and not be disturbed by a young whipper snapper such as myself. And just then, when I had resigned myself to the fact that no new comrades would be found in my fellow etchers, Lucy walked in and I could tell straight away that we would become partners in crime. The nattering between us two quickly commenced and we soon discovered that my Mum had been the librarian at Lucy’s secondary school and that she knew my brother from the pub. We had both quit our tiresome, life draining jobs to find inner happiness, and we both had a love of retro cartoons, zombies, warcraft, children’s books, growing veg, creating things, randomness, weirdness and general giggling.

So, anyway, back to Dennis the cat…. Lucy had commissioned me to make her a knitted version of her gorgeous kitty for her dad’s birthday. I happily obliged, I love any excuse to get knitting!

And here he is! Ta da!! Little knitted Dennis. Tee hee! His little daft face makes me chuckle!

I tucked him up all comfy cosy in a box and posted him off to Lucy to give to her dad. I hope they (and the real Dennis the cat) all like little knitted Dennis! Enjoy your new home dude, I know you will be very happy there. xx


11 thoughts on “Knitted kitty portrait

    • If I work solidly I can whip up a character in a working day, if I add clothes that’s probably another days/ long afternoons work. I wish I could get faster at knitting without making any balls ups! When I rush I end up making a load of mistakes! My nab was really fast at knitting and she didn’t even have to look at what she was doing, I wonder if I will ever get that good… How is your knitting going? Are you working on anything at the moment? Xxx

      • Wow I can’t concentrate for that long 😛 Me to I have to look at it constantly otherwise I end up with allsorts of holes and things! The knittings going slowly but i’m out of my funk a bit now….I’m trying to knit some baby booties for a friend but i’m struggling with the uppers at the moment so I’ve taken a break today to make some cards instead lol! x

  1. Hi there,

    I went to school with the Urban Goblin (it was mainly Maths and German classes we disrupted ;P) and she suggested I check out your blog and I’m glad she did I love it 😀

    I’ve been knitting since I was 6 and took up crochet 2 years ago and am seriously impressed with Dennis he’s so cool!!

    Can’t wait to read more (I recently got the knit & crochet flowers book too)

    Peace and Love
    Kaz xxx

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  4. Hello! I’m mentioning in a post that I could knit a cat with the fur that one of my cats sheds, and when I did a google search for knitted cat pictures… this page appeared with your lovely creation! Would you mind if I used your image as it looks extremely like my cat Fergus (were she knitted)! I will obviously credit your site…

    • Hello! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment :o) I know what you mean about being able to knit another cat from the amount of hair they shed! I thought the same about my cat, she’s terrible with the amount of hair she deposits everywhere! I would be thrilled if you would use the image of my knitted kitty portrait! Please feel free to post it on your site. I’d love to read the post when you are done, will you send me the link? Thank you very much. Hope you are having an awesome day, take care x

      • Thanks… don’t get too excited, it’s not a particularly interesting post, just a collection of random things that went through my head this week and I really needed to illustrate them! You should have a look at some of my posts with pictures of my cat Fergus – she’s really like Dennis, just not as fluffy! Have a great weekend. 🙂

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