A new chapter.

I’m a teensy bit excited…

Well, maybe more than a teensy bit….

Maybe I’m a whole lot of excited…

Yes, I can hereby confirm that I am redunkulously excited (that’s a whole lot of excited I can tell you!)

I…..*wait for it*….have…..*are you on the edge of your seat?*…an….*giggle*….allotment!! Yeah baby!! That’s right, you heard me, a frickin’ allotment!! Me! Who’d of funked it aye?

Ok, ok, so that might not be very exciting news to you my dear reader, but I have been bouncing around with happiness ever since I found out! Feel free to mock and point and brand me a loser.

Inspired by my friend the Urban Goblin, and after watching back to back episodes of “Beyond River Cottage”, I decided to find me a piece of land. The waiting list for the local allotments was years long, so I clicked on the River Cottage Landshare Website and was almost instantly matched with a lovely lady called Jane who lives 5 minutes up the road and was willing to give me the end of her garden to have as an allotment!

I have to confess that I am a but crap with growing things, it doesn’t always end well for the plant poor thing (I am hoping to get better though with a little practice).  My real love is for  keeping chickens, and lovely Jane said she was perfectly happy for chickens to move into her garden. Yaaaaaaaaay!

When I lived in South Africa I kept chickens in my garden. I loved those little chickens, they were a constant source of entertainment to me and they provided the tastiest eggs I have ever eaten. I was devastated when I left South Africa and had to say goodbye to them, and ever since I’ve been back home in Blighty I’ve been desperate to get some more, but there  just isn’t room in our garden.

My chicken Margaret with her 11 chicks!

I kept a different blog when I was in South Africa and I documented some of the adventures I had with my beloved chicken friends. You can find it at bettybrash.blogspot.com if you would like to have a little peek. Be warned though, the post about Rocky the baby bantam might bring a tear to your eye, and the pictures of snakes and spiders may terrify you! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

RIP peace Rocky dude....

I have ordered a very lovely chicken coop which should arrive next week, and I’m going scouting for some chickens while up in the shire of Hereford visiting Laura this weekend. *Giggle* I can’t wait! Watch this space for my new adventures with my new little chicken friends.

(P.s. I welcome suggestions of names for my new pets)

5 thoughts on “A new chapter.

  1. I cannot wait to see your likkle chickens when you get them! You will have to sew them ikkle hen-hats to keep their bonces warm.

    • Awwwww yeah! How cute would that be?? And little scarves to keep them warm through the winter, bless ’em! I’m going to go to a local farm and get some fetalised eggs. I know someone who has an incubator I can use, I’m going to be a chicken mummy!! xx

  2. OMG that’s so cool!

    I completely forgot about the landshare thing thanks for the link 😀 I’ve had a butchers and there’s some near me *fingers crossed* so I may have a mud patch yet!!

    Can’t wait to see more chicken adventures xxx

    • Oooo, good luck with finding a Landshare match! Everyone I spoke to on the site was really lovely and helpful so I’m sure you will be able to find a little muddy haven to call your own very soon. Horrah for river cottage! Gawd bless Hugh Fernly-wats-his-face! Xxx

      • Thanks Chick. I’ve applied YAY!

        It seems like a really lovely site. The lady I’ve applied to lives only a couple of roads away from me *woot!*
        Always wanted to play in the mud hehe. Yeah he’s cool~ some odd recipes though O_o xx

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