Oh my! Has it really been 4 months??

Hellooooooo? Is there anybody still there?? 

I owe you all a mahooooosive apology for being so very quiet these past few months. Truth be told, I lost my blogging voice for a while (I think it happens to every blogger at some point or another). I also got ridiculously busy and distracted and never seemed to have any free time. But I’m back baby, mu ha ha ha! And, I hereby solemnly swear never to abandon you again for so stupidly long. So, can we kiss and make up and be friends again? Yes? Yay! Huzzah!

The past few months have been a little crazy….. I’ve been busy applying to university to study costume production in September of this year, and have been rather manically putting together a portfolio in preparation for the interviews. I had my first interview last Tuesday and am now anxiously awaiting the verdict (eeeep! I’m rather obsessively checking my emails on an almost hourly basis, the waiting is driving me crazy!).

I have also been busy falling hopelessly in love….. giggle! I’ve gone and captured me one of those man type things, and boy is he a goodun! We have been busy having oodles of wonderful adventures and shed loads of fun and laughs. He has been incredibly supportive and encouraging throughout the whole university application process, being a wonderful boyfriend and my best friend all in one (sorry if I am making you all want to throw up in your mouths a little bit with all the soppyness!). Here’s to you Harvey, thank you for being so amazing, you truly are the best. I’d be lost without you xxx

For the past few months my creative ventures have kinda taken a back seat… All my focus went into working two jobs, creating my portfolio and preparing for interviews. But with a new year, I have gained new enthusiasm, and I feel as though I am starting to get my creative mojo back, yay! Now for a new project……

I have a bit of an obsession for blankets. I love to snuggle up under one and watch t.v. or read a book. In fact I tend to feel quite naked if I’m sitting around without a blanket draped over me! I’m still a little too scared to attempt quilting the patchwork quilt I started last year, so, I have decided to start a new blanket. A knitted one this time. I am going to whip up a bunch of knitted blanket squares of all different patterns and textures, and I will share the process and the patterns I use with you dear reader. Maybe we could have a little knit along! That could be fun! What do you think? Has anybody got any knitted blanket squares patterns they would like to share? This will be my first attempt at knitting blanket squares so it could go hideously wrong. I’m hoping they will all end up the same size and will fit together nicely….. fingers crossed!

Maybe something a little like this?

I found this lovely blog thanks to Ravelry, and will be using the free patterns listed on it to create my first square. Wish me luck! xxx


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