Been naughty……

Erm, been naughty……

I took a little stroll into Greenwich to buy a thank you card, and ended up buying a painting……


Oooooops! How did that happen???

I couldn’t help myself! I wandered into a fabulous little shop in Greenwich market called “The Home Front” (a shop full of wonderful delights and treats owned by a very lovely and helpful lady called Elaine – well worth popping in if you are in the area). The painting (well, print really) is by London artist James Brown. It is a limited edition (number 5 of 75 prints). I googled him this evening and found that he has a wonderful blog all about printmaking and the like: He has an online store which could prove to be my siren song….. I would love to own this one too:

Although, this one might have to wait until I have managed to sell a kidney or something….. Mr Bank manager isn’t going to be very happy with me and my impulse buying!

A similar thing happened to me last year. I popped out for a pint of milk and bought 3 fashion illustration prints instead!! I wasn’t sure how that happened either, and I clearly haven’t learnt my lesson. The market must have some kind of voodoo over me! Damn you Greenwich Market and your seductive wares!!

Regardless of feeling quite guilty about spending money when I don’t actually have any, I love my new painting. I think its beautiful. I know exactly where it shall hang; it shall take pride of place on the wall of my sewing laboratory as that is quite literally the place where the magic happens.

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