Royal Wedding Fever!

I’m not even a smidge of a royalist, but I have to admit that I got quite excited about the royal wedding.

I’m a teensy bit ashamed to admit that I got a tad over excited to see the vast amounts of bunting that sprung up all over the place. Ah bunting…. such a simple and modest decoration but yet somehow it manages to evoke levels of great excitement in me. Bunting only ever means that a good old shindig is about to commence or that a party ‘woz ere’ as it were.

We celebrated the event with a right royal tea party. It was a damn fine excuse to guzzle champagne before midday (and in my case, on an empty stomach which a very typsy me doth make *hic*), gorge ourselves silly on buffet nibbles and cake, coo over the  beautiful dress of the bride, mock the stupid outfits of the guests (Eugene and Beatrice – tut tut, what on errrrrrrfff were you thinking??!), and hang out with some of my closest and most splendid friends. Good times. 

Congratulations Will and Kate, cheers for the day off! xx 


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