How to be girly…..

Without a shadow of a doubt, I am a person of contrasts;

I love to travel and explore, and I am always looking for the next adventure and to try something new. I’m not very good at sitting still and I often get itchy feet (not in the literal sense you understand, I mean it purely metaphorically. I do not suffer from a foot fungus, or a rash, or anything – just thought I should clear that one up before someone thinks  “ewwww!”. ) Despite this, deep down I am a true homebody  believing that it truly is where the heart is and feeling comforted by the all familiar. Nothing beats the warmth and security of a family home.  I have many traditional values and I play quite a traditional role in our house. Nothing gives me more pleasure than cooking for my man every evening and keeping the house looking neat and pretty. However, I am a girl who loves rock and metal music, I’m fiercely  independent, and I’m covered in tattoos. Growing up I was always the tomboy, choosing to help my dad to fix the car and build things with power tools, hanging out with the boys, climbing trees and getting mucky in the mud. But these days I love to read fashion magazines, coo over pretty dresses, knit, sew, embroider and make jam! As much as I love dossing about in my jeans and going to festivals, I love any opportunity to put on a pretty dress, wobble about in some heels (I still haven’t quite mastered the art of walking in heels, I wonder if I ever will?) and attempting to make myself look pretty. But, here in lies the problem…. growing up with mostly male friends, having an older brother, and being a tomboy as a kid, I never learnt how to do my hair or put on makeup properly.  I’ve always played in on the side of safe with simple eyeshadows, a bit of badly done eyeliner and some mascara. I have always longed for somebody to show me how its done properly. I have booked myself in to various makup counters for a so-called “tutorial”, but I often come out looking like a mutton dressed as lamb clown who scares small children as I flee hurriedly to the car to get home and wash it off, while muttering something under my breath about it being “a bloody waste of money and time”. On the few occasions that I have liked the makeup they have done for me, once I get home I can’t remember how the bloody hell the makeup lady did it, and when I attempt to do it myself I go back to looking like that mutton clown again. It’s quite depressing.

However, I think at last my prayers have been answered…. An old school friend of mine named Holly recently got in touch on facebook. She works as freelance a makeup artist and has set up a wonderful website called Miss Mascara. While having a little nosey at her wonderful website, I found that she has put up some makeup tutorials showing step by step how to apply makeup to achieve different looks. I was thrilled to see them, and the tutorials are so well written that I could follow them easily. I had a little bash at following them and was thrilled with the results. Unfortunately now I’m all dressed up with nowhere to go, but hey ho, its nice to feel glam even if there is no body here to see me.

Holly looking fabulous at the end of her floral makup tutorial

I highly recommend checking out her site ( or adding her on facebook ( I love the tinterweb, it really can teach you how to do just about anything! I taught myself to knit courtesy of youtube, I wonder if there is a site that will teach me how to walk in heels…… Googling it now…. wish me luck! x

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