“Wish you were here” – a postcard from Rome.

Greetings from Rome!


The Trevi Fountain

Our epic road trip continues and we have been delivered  safely to Rome. It is a truly stunning city and I have been absolutely blown away by it’s beauty and charm.  We have only 2 days here but we are going to cram in as much sight seeing as possible. We will no doubt be extremely exhausted by the end of it, but we will also feel enriched and inspired.

I can’t wait to explore the Colosseum, it’s something I’ve been wanting to see ever since I was a little girl.


The Colosseum

It’s stooooopidly hot here in Italy at the moment, today was just a smidge over 40 oC! Yowza! My pasty-white-freckled-splattered skin is taking a beating from the sun, so I’m having to bathe myself in lashings of sun cream before even attempting to leave any kind of shade for fear that I shall melt in the suns rays like a vampire. I am, however, obtaining a hint of brown glow to my skin which is helping to make me look more “normal” coloured, rather than the “sickly pale” look that I normally sport, yay!

I had best be off now dear reader for Mr Sharp is looking a little negelected as I tap away on these keys, and we are both itching to hit Rome’s streets and see some sights. I will try and blog again before we arrive back in old Blighty next Sunday, but alas I am not sure when I will have internet connection again (how will I ever cope??).

Until then I will leave you with this very hot and sleepy dog that Mr Sharp and I saw in Sorrento. I couldn’t resist taking a picture and sharing it with you, it was just too cute. Arrivederci folks, have a happy weekend! xx

Let sleeping dogs lie.

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