Things I’d like to do this weekend

This weekend will be the first weekend in a very long time that we have absolutely no commitments, and we are very much looking forward to it. Mr Sharp and I are both extremely exhausted from our trip and busy work schedules, and so a weekend to be lazy, recharge our batteries and do the things we love is definitely needed. For Mr Sharp I imagine it will mostly involve lot’s of x-box  playing and sitting around in his pants, for me it will largely consist of making things.

I love compiling lists, in fact, I can’t function without them! All this week I have been jotting down the various things that I would like to do this weekend and growing increasingly excited with each passing day that took me closer to Friday. This is said list:

This weekend I would like to……

1. Remain in my pyjamas from the moment I get home from work this evening until Monday morning, and drink copious amounts of tea brewed in a tea-pot and drunk from a china tea-cup.

I love these rocket pyjamas by Zade Home on

2. Knit this little pug:

It’s another Barbara Prime pattern, and they are always fun to make. You can buy her patterns on Ravelry by clicking here. I would quite like to knit him some little dungarees instead of a coat though.

3. Stuff and sew these bunnies that I knitted months ago and completely forgot about. I think they will be little girl bunnies, I’m in the mood for knitting some little dresses.

4. Do a little bit of quilting. I was inspired by this quilt that featured on the blog andothersillythings. So beautiful! With a few of my friends expecting babies in the coming months it will make a perfect baby welcoming gift .

5. Now that I know just how much cats like to play with the knitted mice that came from the little blue knitting case, I’m going to create an army of knitted mice to help make cats up and down the country very happy kitties. I will be selling the mice for £2.50 each (plus £1 p&p) to raise money for the cat rescue charity from which we got our Rosie cat.

If you would like to order one of these little knitted mice to make your cat a very happy kittie, and to support a very worthy cause in the process, please leave a comment below or email me at to place your order. Please state what colour combination you would like – you can have any colour you like!

Have a happy weekend folks! I hope you have a good’un xx


5 thoughts on “Things I’d like to do this weekend

  1. Sounds like a good weekend!!
    I’m having a quiet weekend with my fella after a very stressful week~ probably including playing lots of LOTRO, reading, bit of crochet and maybe even some lino cutting 😀 Oh and I’m currently experimenting with a new twist on some fairy-cakes hehe
    Those mice are so cute~ just what my Lilly needs after being poorly tbh, can I have one in whatever colours take your fancy 😀
    Loadsaluv ~Kaz xx

    • I remember back in the distant days of teenagehood and my early twenties when a “quiet weekend” sounded incredibly boring, but now days I crave them! I love having a chance to stay home with Mr Sharp and partake in all our geeky guilty pleasures. Your weekend sounds perfect Kaz, have a wonderful time. A new twist on cupcakes? That sounds most intrguing! Will you be doing a post about them on the craft portal?
      Oh no, poor Lilly! Whats happened? is she ok? I will get to work and whip up a little mouse for her to play with right away! Can you email me your address and I will pop it in the post for you on Monday.
      Hope all is well, keep up all the wonderful crafting! Your work is amazing!
      Loadsaluv back at you lovely lady – Amy xxx

      • LOL I know what you mean about craving quiet weekend’s now! My partying days are behind me now hehehe
        Ahh the cupcakes~ alas they came out disgusting (teach me to try and be clever!)~ I tried to do almond instead of vanilla so it would be like a bakewell cake *sigh* never mind hehe.
        Poor Lilly had a tummy bug~ still a little sore but getting there, I think the mouse will perk her up!
        Aww shucks, thanks hunny right back atcha tbh, you’ve a wonderful eye for colour by the way (perfect for costume making!). Me and Bear (fella) watched LOTR again and I couldn’t help but think of you when admiring the costumes and your new adventure 😀
        I’m off to go burn some stuff! TTFN xxxx
        P.S. did you get my msg ok? ~K x

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