Sleep well little Rosie.

It’s been a very sad time over here at Gizmo and Stitch Towers.  Last weekend, Mr Sharp and I had to have our beloved cat Rosie put to sleep after she became very sick very quickly, and we are missing her dearly.  She was a sweet old thing, full of love, purrs and affection. She wanted nothing more than a lap to curl up on, a bite to eat, and somewhere cosy to push some Zzzz’s. We only had her short time, but we feel blessed to have had her in our lives. She made our house more of a home, greeting us at the door with a happy meow each time we crossed the threshold. We knew she was an old cat when we adopted her,  although we could not be sure of her exact age.  We were quite shocked when the vet told us she thought she was nearly 18 years old! At least we could give her somewhere warm and loving to spend her final months, and she had a good innings as they say. Sleep well little Rosie cat, we will never forget you. xx


One thought on “Sleep well little Rosie.

  1. I’m very sorry about your loss. Your cat looks very beautiful in this photo, such sharp stripes of different colors and they all are in high contrast so her eyes look made up 🙂
    You are very good humans because you made the final months of her Earth life very pleasant to her.

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