A handmade Christmas meets Sunday night knitting project

Oh my….. I appear to have fallen bottom over breasticles in love. ‘With what or whom?’ I hear you cry. Well, I shall tell you! I have fallen in love with (drumroll)…….wait for it……waaaaaaait for it………a knitting pattern. There, I said it. Don’t judge me, I’m happy.

As part of my quest for a handmade christmas I decided that as well as sewing some decorations for our chrimbo tree, I would also knit some. So, off I went to consult my knitting pattern bible, Ravelry. And there it was. Nestled in amongst the various Christmassy type patterns were these little fellows:

It was love at first sight! So under their spell was I that I was reaching for my knitting needles before I knew it. Just over an hour into my trance and the first stocking was birthed! I was completely smitten with the little fellow, it looked deliciously cute! This pattern is so wonderfully easy to follow, and the best part for me is that its knitted flat and then seamed. Most sock patterns are knitted in the round, and the be frank, I sometimes can’t be arsed with all the faffing that knitting in the round entails. I end up jabbing myself with the double pointed needles more times than is possible for any human to endure without throwing them across the room in a sulk, and I haven’t quite got to grips with the magic loop method yet, so this pattern is just perfect for the likes of me.

They will look simply wonderful on our little Christmas tree. I’m going to fill each one of them with a little gift or sweet treat for Mr Sharp to find. Well, that’s if our new little kitten doesn’t get to them first! If I had time I would knit twenty-four of them and make them into an advent calendar, but alas time is against me. Maybe next year aye? So far I have knitted three, but will be making as many as I can before we collect our tree in two weeks time, otherwise it may end up looking pretty bare…..

Mini Christmas Stockings

This fabulous pattern is available on Little Cotton Rabbits blog. You can access the mini stocking pattern by clicking here. A big thanks to the exceptionally talented Julie for sharing her pattern for free. Thank you Julie!

Happy Sunday folks, and happy knitting. Only 27 days until Christmas, eeep! xx

8 thoughts on “A handmade Christmas meets Sunday night knitting project

  1. They are so much fun to knit, a really nice quick little project to whip up in the evenings or on a lunch break. Things here are fabulous thank you, getting very excited about chrimbo as you can probably tell! Congratulations on the wedding lovely lady! Did you have a lovely time? Where did you go on honey moon?
    Yeah, twas very sad about our old little kitty, she was a wonderful pet 😦 We have adopted a new little one though and she seems to be settling in just nicely thank you. How is your adorable little puppy settling in? x

    • Lol I can tell we’ve just moved….again! So we’re off to buy new decs on the weekend!

      The wedding was awesome!! We were so lucky with the weather and it went off without a hitch thankfully!! We did mini moon to London as its been such a crazy year the thought of planning a big trip was so daunting on top of everything else lol we are still waiting on our official pictures so I’ll be putting them up eventually lol!

      Yea Teds awesome I couldn’t imagine not having him! He’s only 19 weeks but we’ve just found out he’s got hip dysplasia so thankful for insurance now…althought it doesn’t slow him up 🙂

  2. Your ornaments are so cute! Love the little stockings. Thanks for the link to the pattern. I’d like to try a couple of these for my granddaughters.

  3. Thank you for your comment Joan 🙂 This pattern really is delightful, so much fun to make. Your granddaughters will love them I’m sure. Thank you for stopping by my little blog, please do come again! xx

  4. Knitting is a favorite past time of mine. I picked it up again when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter last year. I told my husband that I was going to knit our daughter a blanket for her ride home from the hospital. For my first real project it came out okay. It looks more like a towel but oh well. I am proud of it.Thinking about making some mittens this year!! Lets see how long those take:) Thank you for your great post!!! I look forward to hearing more from you.

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