It’s beginning to feel a lot like Easter ……

Here’s a sneaky little peak at whats been occurring in the sewing laboratory over here at Gizmo and Stitch Towers:20120328-150353.jpg

The sun is shining splendidly over London town, so it’s the perfect opportunity to sit on my balcony, soak up some rays, and do a little bit of hand sewing. I have discovered that I am very much a seasonal crafter; In the autumn and winter I knit, and in the spring and summer I sew. What with all the glorious weather we have been having over here in Blighty recently, I have cast aside my knitting needles, and picked up my sewing box again, and boy am I having fun! I often forget how much quicker it is to make something in fabric than it is to sit and knit it, so I have surprised myself with how many of these little rabbit finger puppets I have managed to whip up in just a couple of hours! They will make perfect little gifts for all the small folk that I know, and a wonderful alternative to chocolate – although I’m sure there will be lots of that being passed around too, it is Easter after all, the perfect excuse to a gorge yourself silly on ridiculous quantities of chocolate and end up feeling a little bit sick, yet very satisfied. Mmmm, chocolate….

Anywho, I digress. I found this wonderful little felt bunny finger puppet tutorial over on the extremely gorgeous blog The Purl Bee.

Image courtesy of The Purl Bee

Image courtesy of The Purl Bee

The tutorial has fabulously clear step by step instructions to follow, and I can assure you that the bunnies are an absolute delight to make. You can find the tutorial by clicking here. I can’t wait to pop the finished little bunnies in to the post for all the gorgeous little children I am lucky enough to know for them to play with this Easter. I am even going to have a go at making my own eggs with a kit that a bought last Easter but sadly didn’t get enough time to use. Fear not Easter egg molds, for this Easter you will fulfill your Easter egg making destiny! Nom nom nom….. x

6 thoughts on “It’s beginning to feel a lot like Easter ……

    • Thank you :o) It’s the first Easter that I have managed to get mysef organised in time to actually make gifts for people, and I’m quite excited about it! Will you be making any Easter prints this year? I adore your reflections on water print, so stunning, and very realsitic! Lino prints totally rock x

      • Thank you – that´s one of my favourites. I normally go for edible baked gifts. At Christmas I made biscuits in the shape of Christmas decorations that could hang on the tree. I suppose for Easter there should be chocolate in there somewhere, so perhaps some bunny shaped chocolate biscuits.

      • Thats a lovely idea! I love edible gifts, always so personal. I hope you have a wonderful Easter, and best of luck with your card range! They are beautiful and bound to sell well. x

    • Tee hee, hop 🙂 Just like the bunnies! Loves it 🙂 You totally should swing by The Purl Bee, it’s a lovely site, but be warned… once you start stitching them adorable little bunnies you will be hooked… don’t say I didn’t warn ya! 😉 x

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