Some Parisian art of a different kind

Our fabulous European road trip has alas come to an end ūüė¶ And boy, what an adventure it has been! We are tired and skint, but enriched and fulfilled.

The last leg of our adventure was spent in Paris, a sublime and truly romantic city. A perfect end to an amazing holiday.

We stomped around the city on the typical tourist trail and took in all the sights; The Arc de Triomphe,¬† The Eiffel Tower, Les Invalides, Mus√©e du Louvre, Avenue des Champs-√Člys√©es,
and they were all spectacular.

But, I will not bore you with pictures of those sights, oh no. You’ve seen them all before, right? You already know what they look like.

No, I wanted to share something a little different from the streets of Paris. Something wonderfully quirky and strangely beautiful….



These two skeletons were on the pavement outside L’H√ītel national des Invalides. I love how the artist has used the street drains to make the skeletons ribcage. Genius!


And this stunning piece was at the end of a side street near Centre Pompidou.


I’m afraid that the next picture gives you a bit of in insight into my puerile mind….

Whilst gazing upon the beautifully sculptured Arc de¬† Triomphe, I became very distracted by one of the figures. It wasn’t because he was naked (I’m not that puerile!), no what distracted me was the need to answer the pertinant question that my mind just couldn’t compute; why would you wear a hat and boots but no pants?? it makes no sense!


“Where shall we go on holiday this year?” asked Mr Sharp.

“Oooo”, pondered I somewhat briefly, “I’d love to go back to Sorrento in Italy”.

“Fabulous” replied Mr Sharp, “shall we drive there?”

“Ok” Said I.

So, 6 months of planning later, we board our vessel for the trip – our beloved and trusty Ford Focus named “Mo” (what? what’s so weird about naming a car?) – waved goodbye to London town, and set off on our rather epic 3300 mile road trip.

4 days into our trip and we have driven just over 800 miles through 4 different countries (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland) and made 8 border crossings.

So far we have climbed 698 steps up two different towers (the¬†Belfry of Brugge¬†and¬†Strasbourg Cathedral), drank beer that was 11.3% (yes, 11.3%! thats not a typo, it was actually that strong and tasted slightly like bananas), ate at a 2 star michelin restaurant, drank an ¬£100 bottle of wine which despite my scoffing and “can you actually taste the difference?” remarks, it turns out that yes, you can taste the difference, and it was truly amazing.


We took the worlds highest vertical ascent cable car up 2800 metres in just 20 minutes to the top of¬†Aiguille du Midi, a mountain the the french Alps 3,842 m above sea level, and discovered that I have vertigo (who knew?? I certainly didn’t!!). I had to cuddle quite tightly into Mr Sharp and close my eyes while giving out little squeals of fright during the ascent in the cable car. The view from the top, however, was spectacular, totally worth me nearly pooping myself:

I can’t believe we have achieved so much in such a short space of time! I have to confess that some of the driving can be a little tedious – lot’s of boring motorways that need to be tackled to help us to cover so much ground in such a short space of time, but it is totally worth the effort. It is going to be a trip that will give us memories to last a life time, and many stories to tell. Best of all, I get to see all these wonderful sights, and have such magical experiences with my wonderful man by my side every step of the way. What an adventure. xxx

Dear Photograph

Whilst cruising around the blog world in search of a little inspiration, I stumbled across something that literally took my breath away.

The websites description simply said: “take a picture¬†of a picture¬†from the past¬† in the present”

”¬†The photos on drag you across time and into the present, an unexpectedly fascinating way to sense time and space and the human connections that give them meaning.”These photos were so magical and touching that they left me speechless. I thought I would simply let you enjoy the pictures for yourself rather than have me rattling on about them. Such a wonderful concept.¬†

I highly recommend going to the website and having a look at the pictures for yourself, they are absolutely beautiful.