After a brief interlude….

….normal service is to be resumed! Huzzah!

It’s been such a long time since my last post, I’m so sorry folks! Life had gotten just a smidge too busy after the yuletide season, and I was struggling to keep up! What with writing copious amounts of essays and completing projects for uni, working extra shifts in the evenings, and having a birthday (my birthday very rudely and inconsiderately interrupted me being in my 20’s, a decade a thoroughly enjoyed, and has now pushed me somewhat reluctantly in to my 30’s even though I kindly asked it not to, hurrumph!), my head has been in a bit of a spin and my mojo got a little lost 😦 My usually smiley face was replaced by a frowney, somewhat serious and at times pouty face. I don’t like essays, and I don’t like getting older, but after being a good girl and getting all my work done, my smile has pounced back on my face and kicked the frowney face clean off, yay!

Such a smiley soft drink lid

I found this little happy face peering up at me from Mr Sharps soft drink lid this morning, and it made me smile. It just looks so very happy! I felt quite mean when I had to put it in the bin….

My thoughts tend to go to sleep unless they and I wonder, and wonder they did thanks to my beloved Mr Sharp; for my birthday he whisked me away on a wonderful surprise holiday to Amsterdam for 5 glorious days of debaucherous giggle filled bliss to celebrate my 3rd decade of being. We had a most splendid time, a much needed holiday for us both. I have come back feeling revived and inspired. I love Amsterdam, it’s such a beautiful city.

Now that my Handmade Christmas has come to an end, I need a new project, and thanks to my favorite ever website, Ravelry, I have found one. Over the next few weeks, any free time that I have will be spent on making these little fellows:

Photo by Rachel Borello Carroll at Petite Purls.

Aren’t they just adorable? The pattern for these delightful little creatures, known as “Anything Animals” is available for free at Petite Purls. I plan on making a whole menagerie of different animals to give to the little people that I’m blessed to have in my life.

Photo by Rachel Borello Carroll at Petite Purls.

Off to my wool stash I go! It will be an excellent project for using up all my little scraps of left over wool. Excited much? Er, yes! Muchly! Happy knitting folks! xx

A handmade Christmas meets Sunday night knitting project

Oh my….. I appear to have fallen bottom over breasticles in love. ‘With what or whom?’ I hear you cry. Well, I shall tell you! I have fallen in love with (drumroll)…….wait for it……waaaaaaait for it………a knitting pattern. There, I said it. Don’t judge me, I’m happy.

As part of my quest for a handmade christmas I decided that as well as sewing some decorations for our chrimbo tree, I would also knit some. So, off I went to consult my knitting pattern bible, Ravelry. And there it was. Nestled in amongst the various Christmassy type patterns were these little fellows:

It was love at first sight! So under their spell was I that I was reaching for my knitting needles before I knew it. Just over an hour into my trance and the first stocking was birthed! I was completely smitten with the little fellow, it looked deliciously cute! This pattern is so wonderfully easy to follow, and the best part for me is that its knitted flat and then seamed. Most sock patterns are knitted in the round, and the be frank, I sometimes can’t be arsed with all the faffing that knitting in the round entails. I end up jabbing myself with the double pointed needles more times than is possible for any human to endure without throwing them across the room in a sulk, and I haven’t quite got to grips with the magic loop method yet, so this pattern is just perfect for the likes of me.

They will look simply wonderful on our little Christmas tree. I’m going to fill each one of them with a little gift or sweet treat for Mr Sharp to find. Well, that’s if our new little kitten doesn’t get to them first! If I had time I would knit twenty-four of them and make them into an advent calendar, but alas time is against me. Maybe next year aye? So far I have knitted three, but will be making as many as I can before we collect our tree in two weeks time, otherwise it may end up looking pretty bare…..

Mini Christmas Stockings

This fabulous pattern is available on Little Cotton Rabbits blog. You can access the mini stocking pattern by clicking here. A big thanks to the exceptionally talented Julie for sharing her pattern for free. Thank you Julie!

Happy Sunday folks, and happy knitting. Only 27 days until Christmas, eeep! xx


“Where shall we go on holiday this year?” asked Mr Sharp.

“Oooo”, pondered I somewhat briefly, “I’d love to go back to Sorrento in Italy”.

“Fabulous” replied Mr Sharp, “shall we drive there?”

“Ok” Said I.

So, 6 months of planning later, we board our vessel for the trip – our beloved and trusty Ford Focus named “Mo” (what? what’s so weird about naming a car?) – waved goodbye to London town, and set off on our rather epic 3300 mile road trip.

4 days into our trip and we have driven just over 800 miles through 4 different countries (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland) and made 8 border crossings.

So far we have climbed 698 steps up two different towers (the Belfry of Brugge and Strasbourg Cathedral), drank beer that was 11.3% (yes, 11.3%! thats not a typo, it was actually that strong and tasted slightly like bananas), ate at a 2 star michelin restaurant, drank an £100 bottle of wine which despite my scoffing and “can you actually taste the difference?” remarks, it turns out that yes, you can taste the difference, and it was truly amazing.


We took the worlds highest vertical ascent cable car up 2800 metres in just 20 minutes to the top of Aiguille du Midi, a mountain the the french Alps 3,842 m above sea level, and discovered that I have vertigo (who knew?? I certainly didn’t!!). I had to cuddle quite tightly into Mr Sharp and close my eyes while giving out little squeals of fright during the ascent in the cable car. The view from the top, however, was spectacular, totally worth me nearly pooping myself:

I can’t believe we have achieved so much in such a short space of time! I have to confess that some of the driving can be a little tedious – lot’s of boring motorways that need to be tackled to help us to cover so much ground in such a short space of time, but it is totally worth the effort. It is going to be a trip that will give us memories to last a life time, and many stories to tell. Best of all, I get to see all these wonderful sights, and have such magical experiences with my wonderful man by my side every step of the way. What an adventure. xxx

How to be girly…..

Without a shadow of a doubt, I am a person of contrasts;

I love to travel and explore, and I am always looking for the next adventure and to try something new. I’m not very good at sitting still and I often get itchy feet (not in the literal sense you understand, I mean it purely metaphorically. I do not suffer from a foot fungus, or a rash, or anything – just thought I should clear that one up before someone thinks  “ewwww!”. ) Despite this, deep down I am a true homebody  believing that it truly is where the heart is and feeling comforted by the all familiar. Nothing beats the warmth and security of a family home.  I have many traditional values and I play quite a traditional role in our house. Nothing gives me more pleasure than cooking for my man every evening and keeping the house looking neat and pretty. However, I am a girl who loves rock and metal music, I’m fiercely  independent, and I’m covered in tattoos. Growing up I was always the tomboy, choosing to help my dad to fix the car and build things with power tools, hanging out with the boys, climbing trees and getting mucky in the mud. But these days I love to read fashion magazines, coo over pretty dresses, knit, sew, embroider and make jam! As much as I love dossing about in my jeans and going to festivals, I love any opportunity to put on a pretty dress, wobble about in some heels (I still haven’t quite mastered the art of walking in heels, I wonder if I ever will?) and attempting to make myself look pretty. But, here in lies the problem…. growing up with mostly male friends, having an older brother, and being a tomboy as a kid, I never learnt how to do my hair or put on makeup properly.  I’ve always played in on the side of safe with simple eyeshadows, a bit of badly done eyeliner and some mascara. I have always longed for somebody to show me how its done properly. I have booked myself in to various makup counters for a so-called “tutorial”, but I often come out looking like a mutton dressed as lamb clown who scares small children as I flee hurriedly to the car to get home and wash it off, while muttering something under my breath about it being “a bloody waste of money and time”. On the few occasions that I have liked the makeup they have done for me, once I get home I can’t remember how the bloody hell the makeup lady did it, and when I attempt to do it myself I go back to looking like that mutton clown again. It’s quite depressing.

However, I think at last my prayers have been answered…. An old school friend of mine named Holly recently got in touch on facebook. She works as freelance a makeup artist and has set up a wonderful website called Miss Mascara. While having a little nosey at her wonderful website, I found that she has put up some makeup tutorials showing step by step how to apply makeup to achieve different looks. I was thrilled to see them, and the tutorials are so well written that I could follow them easily. I had a little bash at following them and was thrilled with the results. Unfortunately now I’m all dressed up with nowhere to go, but hey ho, its nice to feel glam even if there is no body here to see me.

Holly looking fabulous at the end of her floral makup tutorial

I highly recommend checking out her site ( or adding her on facebook ( I love the tinterweb, it really can teach you how to do just about anything! I taught myself to knit courtesy of youtube, I wonder if there is a site that will teach me how to walk in heels…… Googling it now…. wish me luck! x

Royal Wedding Fever!

I’m not even a smidge of a royalist, but I have to admit that I got quite excited about the royal wedding.

I’m a teensy bit ashamed to admit that I got a tad over excited to see the vast amounts of bunting that sprung up all over the place. Ah bunting…. such a simple and modest decoration but yet somehow it manages to evoke levels of great excitement in me. Bunting only ever means that a good old shindig is about to commence or that a party ‘woz ere’ as it were.

We celebrated the event with a right royal tea party. It was a damn fine excuse to guzzle champagne before midday (and in my case, on an empty stomach which a very typsy me doth make *hic*), gorge ourselves silly on buffet nibbles and cake, coo over the  beautiful dress of the bride, mock the stupid outfits of the guests (Eugene and Beatrice – tut tut, what on errrrrrrfff were you thinking??!), and hang out with some of my closest and most splendid friends. Good times. 

Congratulations Will and Kate, cheers for the day off! xx 

Oh my! Has it really been 4 months??

Hellooooooo? Is there anybody still there?? 

I owe you all a mahooooosive apology for being so very quiet these past few months. Truth be told, I lost my blogging voice for a while (I think it happens to every blogger at some point or another). I also got ridiculously busy and distracted and never seemed to have any free time. But I’m back baby, mu ha ha ha! And, I hereby solemnly swear never to abandon you again for so stupidly long. So, can we kiss and make up and be friends again? Yes? Yay! Huzzah!

The past few months have been a little crazy….. I’ve been busy applying to university to study costume production in September of this year, and have been rather manically putting together a portfolio in preparation for the interviews. I had my first interview last Tuesday and am now anxiously awaiting the verdict (eeeep! I’m rather obsessively checking my emails on an almost hourly basis, the waiting is driving me crazy!).

I have also been busy falling hopelessly in love….. giggle! I’ve gone and captured me one of those man type things, and boy is he a goodun! We have been busy having oodles of wonderful adventures and shed loads of fun and laughs. He has been incredibly supportive and encouraging throughout the whole university application process, being a wonderful boyfriend and my best friend all in one (sorry if I am making you all want to throw up in your mouths a little bit with all the soppyness!). Here’s to you Harvey, thank you for being so amazing, you truly are the best. I’d be lost without you xxx

For the past few months my creative ventures have kinda taken a back seat… All my focus went into working two jobs, creating my portfolio and preparing for interviews. But with a new year, I have gained new enthusiasm, and I feel as though I am starting to get my creative mojo back, yay! Now for a new project……

I have a bit of an obsession for blankets. I love to snuggle up under one and watch t.v. or read a book. In fact I tend to feel quite naked if I’m sitting around without a blanket draped over me! I’m still a little too scared to attempt quilting the patchwork quilt I started last year, so, I have decided to start a new blanket. A knitted one this time. I am going to whip up a bunch of knitted blanket squares of all different patterns and textures, and I will share the process and the patterns I use with you dear reader. Maybe we could have a little knit along! That could be fun! What do you think? Has anybody got any knitted blanket squares patterns they would like to share? This will be my first attempt at knitting blanket squares so it could go hideously wrong. I’m hoping they will all end up the same size and will fit together nicely….. fingers crossed!

Maybe something a little like this?

I found this lovely blog thanks to Ravelry, and will be using the free patterns listed on it to create my first square. Wish me luck! xxx

Day of fun!

Yaaaaaaaaay!!! I’ve got my first entirely free day in aaaaages tomorrow *does a little dance*.
I’ve been feeling the symptoms of sewing withdrawl and I need a fix, stat!
Sooooo, tomorrow, after a lovely snuggly lay in, I will plonk myself inside the confines of the sewing lab and start experimenting with some new creations.
It will be a guilty pleasures day of the highest order. In between all the slighty crazed designing and stitching I will weave in the reading of other peoples beautiful and inspiring blogs, chowing down on some of my most favourite nom nom nom foods, drinking herbal tea infusions, watching re runs of my favourite tv shows, and ordering new fabric possibly even from overseas! Ooooh I’m getting so stupidly excited!! Watch this space for the results of my truely indulgent day. Huzzah and booya!! Have a lovely day peeps! Xx