Little Pip meets baby Henry.

Little Pip the knitted rabbit has been on a very big adventure. In his little ship, the SS Parcel Box, he journeyed north on a sea of post to Staffordshire where he was united with his new owner, the adorably cute and very diddy little baby  Henry.

Pip is a very happy little bunny indeed. He is looking forward to lots of lovely cuddles and many more adventures with gorgeous little Henry.


A week off, ah bliss!

I have got an entire 9 days off work, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I intend to spend it drinking copious amounts of tea, taking the occasional nap, knitting blanket squares and little bunnies for easter, making a patchwork cot quilt for a baby boy, watching back to back River Cottage episodes, and cooking lots of yummy treats for my hardworking man to enjoy when he gets home from work.

 I have been working on a few commissioned items for the past couple of weeks which has been really good fun, and I thought you might like to meet them:

Ladles and jellyspoons, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Wolfgang Woolfingson the knitted wolf.

Rather excitingly, this little knitted wolf is going to live in Canada!! That is the furthest that my work has ever been sent! Giggle! I hear it gets quite nippy in Canada at this time of year, so I made little Wolfgang Woolfingson a very warm knitted coat to keep him nice and cozy on his very long trip.

Have a safe trip little knitted wolfgang, have a lovely time in Canada, and take very good care of your new owner.

 And now to meet little Pip the knitted rabbit, cousin to Tatty Babbit.

My fantastically lovely and fabulous friend Hannah has just become an Aunty for the very first time, and a very proud Aunty is she. Little Pip is a gift for her very new and teensy nephew Henry George who was born on Wednesday. Pip is currently winging his way first class to Staffordshire to meet his new owner. He was in such an excited rush however that he forgot his clothes! Ooops!

I will pop some warm clothes in the post to follow after him, but I’m sure little Henry will keep him warm in the meantime.

I love the feeling I get when I finish creating a toy and post it off to its new owner, it’s very exciting!

Ooo, I’ve just seen that the sun is shining outside, yay! I’m going to get out there and make the most of it before it goes into hiding again. Enjoy your day folks, have oodles of fun! Mwah! xxxx

The gorgeous little Robbie with his Elephant.

A very good family friend of ours had a baby boy called Robbie earlier this year, and a few weeks ago it was his christening. Robbie’s mummy (Julie) and I used to play together when we were kids, and I remembered that her bedroom wall was covered in pictures of Elephants, she absolutely loved them. As they were her favorite animal I decided to make Robbie an Elephant as a christening gift.

What a handsome little lad, and so incredibly cute! I always love to see children playing with one of my creations, its such a lovely feeling. I go all soft and gooey inside and it reminds me of why I love making things so very much. Thank you Julie for sending me this picture, and congratulations on such a beautiful boy and a wonderful christening xxxx

Jumble Cat’s holiday

Jumble Cat is off to Portugal on holiday with his new family, lucky thing! (Apparently there just wasn’t room for me in the suitcase. Pah! Excuses, excuses!).

Jumble Cat clearly wasn’t dressed for a sunny holiday in his wooly jumper, so I made him a more suitable summer outfit.

First I made him some shorts:

And then I made him a vest.

Happy holidays Jumble Cat, don’t forget to send me a postcard!

Night-night Jumble Cat.

I made a deal with little Jospehine (Jumble Cat’s owner) that if she was a good girl, did her homework nicely and behaved well all week I would make Jumble Cat an accessory of her choosing.

All week Josephine was on her very best behavior. She did her homework without complaining and she did as she was asked with a smile and without having to be asked twice.

And so, when Friday came I asked little Josephine “what would you like for Jumble Cat as a reward for being so good?”. She paused for a moment and considered this very carefully. “I think”, said she after much thought, “that Jumble Cat needs a proper mattress to sleep on as the poor thing cannot be very comfortable sleeping on the toilet paper bed that I made for him. Besides, he needs his sleep so that he can have lots of energy to play with me”. “Very well” said I, “I shall see what I can do”.

I went to my drawing board and came up with a plan. I went to the sewing laboratory and set to work. “Snip snip” said the scissors. “whir-whir” said the sewing machine. “stuff-stuff” said the stuffing. “ouch-ouch” yelped I as I stabbed my bloomin fingers for the millionth time that day. As the sun went down and the work was done, I stood back to gaze upon my creation. “I hope she likes it” thought I.

Thankfully, she absolutely loved it! I received yet another uber hug and she told me it looked “very professional”! Bless!! Jumble Cat seemed to quite like it too, and apparently he slept much better that night.

Jumble cat.

I know a lovely little ginger tabby cat called Jumble, who is owned by a lovely little girl called Josephine.

It was Josephine’s birthday a couple of weeks ago, and when I asked her what she would like she asked if I could make her a little knitted version of her Jumble cat, so I did.

Knitted Jumble

Jospehine was so thrilled with her knitted Jumble Cat that she gave me the biggest most squeeziest hug I have ever had (boa constrictors would have a hard time squeezing harder!) and ran off to play with him.  She takes him every where with her, and has even cleared out a drawer in her bedside table to make a bedroom for him, complete with his own toys, and a bed made from toilet paper and a flannel.

Knitted Jumble Cat makes himself at home.