Little Pip meets baby Henry.

Little Pip the knitted rabbit has been on a very big adventure. In his little ship, the SS Parcel Box, he journeyed north on a sea of post to Staffordshire where he was united with his new owner, the adorably cute and very diddy little baby  Henry.

Pip is a very happy little bunny indeed. He is looking forward to lots of lovely cuddles and many more adventures with gorgeous little Henry.


A happy little (and adorably cute) customer!

Wren with ElephantAwwwwwww! 

I have to admit that when I was sent this picture I went all gooey inside! What a beautiful and adorable baby! This is Wren, a gorgeous little girl who had her Christening this weekend and received one of my Elephants as a gift. My very good friend Charlie had commissioned me to make it for her, and she sent me the picture to show the two of them together. In fact, Wren’s mummy loved the Elephant so much that she has commissioned me to make another Hippo for a little boy who lives in Sheffield! How exciting! The word of Gizmo and Stitch is being carried North! I feel very privileged. Oh the adventures my creations will have!!! Off to my sewing laboratory I shall go with a skip in my step 🙂 xxx

Happy little hippo

I love hippos. They are not fluffy, nor are they cuddly, they are not even particularly friendly, but I love them! I’ve been lucky enough to spend quite a lot of time in South Africa over the past few years, and hippos were one of the few big African animals I have every seen truly wild. On my first visit to the S.A. I heard one in the river one night about 100 yards from our camp. It made a funny noise, a kind of “gawuuuuuumpa”. I decided it would be a good idea to seek out the hippo and ran off excitedly into the bushes, and into the dark. Foolish, yes, as hippos kill more people than any other animal. I know! Who’d of funked it?  I only discovered this fact when I returned from my mission, thankfully unharmed. Anywho, seeing hippos having a little playful splash around in the moonlight captured my heart. It was my first wild African animal encounter, and I will never forget it. 

So, when I was asked to make a present for a little boys 1st birthday, a hippo seemed the perfect choice. And here he is;

Blue Hippo

Blue Hippo

He was delivered this morning to be unwrapped this afternoon by his new owner.