Something silly…

My very wonderful bestestest chumley Laura was birthed in the month of Augustus, and to celebrate the anniversary of her birthing I decided to stick to my handmade pledge and make her a few little somethings as a birthday offering. One of these somethings is a work in progress and is taking longer than expected (Sorry Laura! I promise to get it to you before christmas so that it doesn’t become a yule tide gift). But, I did manage to finish one of the gifts in time; a rather silly but very cute knitted apple cozy:

The apple cozy is not to prevent the apple from getting cold for I don’t think apples mind that too much, no no, it is to stop the apple from getting bruised in your bag when you take one out with you as a traveling snack. I’m very proud of my Laura for she is a student at university training to be a nurse, and I thought a knitted apple cosy is just what she needs so that she can have an unblemished healthy snack while she is busy being studious. I found the pattern at The Vegan Lunchbox blog and you can find the link to it here. I did change the way the leaf was knitted and the pattern for that is as follows:

Knitted leaf pattern:

  • Cast on 3 stitches on 4mm needles.
  • 1st row (RS) K1, MK1, K1, MK1, K1 (5st)
  • 2nd row and WS rows K
  • 3rd row K2, MK1, K1, MK1, K2 (7sts)
  • 5th row K3, MK1, K1, MK1, K3 (9sts)
  • 7th row K4, MK1, K1, MK1, K4 (11sts)
  • 9th row K5, MK1, K1, MK1, K5 (13 sts)
  • 11th row SSK, K9, K2tog (11 sts)
  • 13th row SSK, K7, K2tog (9sts)
  • 15th row SSK, K5, K2tog (7sts)
  • 17th row SSK, K3, K2tog (5sts)
  • 19th row SSK, K1, K2tog (3sts)
  • 21st row SK2po, fasten off remaining stitches.

Happy knitting! xx


Slightly obsessed….

I err….well….erm….I have a confession to make….. and it’s a little bit tragic….. but here goes…..

I think, well actually I know, that at present I have a slight obsession, well maybe more than slight…. correction, I am completely obsessed with knitting…

Phew, feels good to get that off my chest.

It all started with the discovery of the little blue knitting case. It moved on to me braving a knitting pattern for the first time with only you tube to guide me through the process. It grew to the birth of  Tatty Babbit the knitted rabbit, and it peaked when confined to my bed with a poorly ankle. All I have been able to do for the past 5 days is watch tv and knit, and I have to confess it has actually been quite enjoyable (apart from the pain from my ankle that is).

I have also made an amazing discovery in the form of It made up of an amazing collection of patterns, advice, and other knitters, and I have fallen in love with it. I have spent an embarrassing amount of hours scouring through the patterns to find things to make.

 I want to make one of these:

Star Crossed Slouchy Beret

 and one of these:

A Noble Cowl

Only problem is, I need to pop to the shops to pick up the correct sized needles required to make these things, something that is just not possible with my poorly ankle. Bum. Oh well, I will add them to my ever increasing to do list. In the mean time I have knitted Tatty Babbit a new jumper, and a new friend. I will do some hobbling about tomorrow to find my camera and will take pictures of them to show you. I hope you like them.