A week off, ah bliss!

I have got an entire 9 days off work, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I intend to spend it drinking copious amounts of tea, taking the occasional nap, knitting blanket squares and little bunnies for easter, making a patchwork cot quilt for a baby boy, watching back to back River Cottage episodes, and cooking lots of yummy treats for my hardworking man to enjoy when he gets home from work.

 I have been working on a few commissioned items for the past couple of weeks which has been really good fun, and I thought you might like to meet them:

Ladles and jellyspoons, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Wolfgang Woolfingson the knitted wolf.

Rather excitingly, this little knitted wolf is going to live in Canada!! That is the furthest that my work has ever been sent! Giggle! I hear it gets quite nippy in Canada at this time of year, so I made little Wolfgang Woolfingson a very warm knitted coat to keep him nice and cozy on his very long trip.

Have a safe trip little knitted wolfgang, have a lovely time in Canada, and take very good care of your new owner.

 And now to meet little Pip the knitted rabbit, cousin to Tatty Babbit.

My fantastically lovely and fabulous friend Hannah has just become an Aunty for the very first time, and a very proud Aunty is she. Little Pip is a gift for her very new and teensy nephew Henry George who was born on Wednesday. Pip is currently winging his way first class to Staffordshire to meet his new owner. He was in such an excited rush however that he forgot his clothes! Ooops!

I will pop some warm clothes in the post to follow after him, but I’m sure little Henry will keep him warm in the meantime.

I love the feeling I get when I finish creating a toy and post it off to its new owner, it’s very exciting!

Ooo, I’ve just seen that the sun is shining outside, yay! I’m going to get out there and make the most of it before it goes into hiding again. Enjoy your day folks, have oodles of fun! Mwah! xxxx

Another happy and very cute customer :-)

The very beautiful, spectacularly cute little baby Blaike with knitted kitty Callie!

My utterly wonderful friend Isi (who is currently all poorly sick with tonsill-nasty-itis, yuck! Poor Isi, get well soon my lovely! Mwah!) commissioned me to knit a little grey and white stripped kitty in a pink dress for little baby Blaike, and the other day she kindly sent me this piccie to show me the two of them together. I always really enjoy seeing my creations with their new owners, it gives me a genuine feeling of contentment. Apparently little Blaike holds the knitted kitty all the time and likes to suck it’s nose! How sweet is that? Oooop, I’m going all gooey now…. I can’t help it…. I’m going to have to say it…. awwwwwwwwww!!! And now for a random outburst of baby doting speak…. “iddybiddyboobooboowajawajawoodododoboo”! Ahem… Sorry about that… Now I just need to find me some squadgy cheeks to pinch… Any volunteers? Anyone? No? Oh well.

Whose a lucky lady?

My wonderfully fabulous, gorgeously lovely friend Isi popped over the other day for tea and to pick up some creations she had ordered. And, bless her little cotton socks, she came baring gifts! “Happy Birthday!” she said as I excitedly tore open the surprisingly  unexpected  present, “Sorry this is late, like the latest late present ever!” read the card. I had been living in South Africa when it was my birthday in January, so I was totally surprised and very touched to be receiving a present in August! And what a gorgeous and incredibly thoughtful gift it was too!

A fantastically gorgeous Cath Kidston knitting bag!! With beautiful balls of wool inside!! It was love at first sight for me and the knitting bag, I absolutely adore it!

Hum-a-na hum-a-na!


Just look at those beautiful colours!! I love them!


Isi is so very brilliant at picking gifts for people, they are always so thoughtful and perfect for the person she is giving them to, although she will always apologise for it being wrapped craply (even though it will be beautifully wrapped), or she will think its rubbish (even though its amazing!), bless her bones! 

I am a very, very lucky lady indeed! Thank you Isi for being so very wonderful, for being such a fabulous friend, and for my delightfully divine birthday present, you are a legend! Mwah! xxxxx

Altogether now: “Eng-er-land, Eng-er-land, Eng-er-land”!!

I have to confess that I don’t care much for the world cup, or football in general for that matter. But someone special to me does, so I created a little good luck mascot for him to hopefully give England a little more luck than they have been having recently.

This is George the football mascot, say hello George!

I popped George in the post earlier this week so hopefully he will reach his new owner in time for todays match. Come on England!! Stop being such pansies and show the world what you can do!!


Well hello there folks of the magic tinterweb madoodle! I hope you are all well and lovely and had a most fantastical weekend.

Tatty Babbit and I have gone on an awfully big adventure to the wonderful shire of Hereford. It’s so very beautiful here! Lots of green things growing and lots of furry things scurrying. Bliss.

Tatty Babbit has been happily united with his new owner Ollie and they seem to be making very good friends, aww!

Ollie and Tatty Babbit, bless!!

My lovely friend Laura and myself have taken a little road trip from Hereford to Swansea, our old university town and stomping ground where we met 8 years ago, my how time flies! It’s been lovely exploring the old place again, all very nostalgic and a tad emotional. We celebrated with a few cheeky tipples at lunchtime. I will admit that it may not have been the wisest of plans as lunchtime drunkies renders me entirely powerless to prevent random impulse buying of pretty things. We went to the gallery of local artist Kerry Evans, I fell in love with one of her paintings and ended up buying it! Oops! I don’t regret it now that I am sober as I love it so very much! Phew, lucky escape 🙂 it could have been so much more random and therefore so much worse.

We are staying in Swansea overnight in a lovely B&B called “Christmas Pie” selected entirely because of it’s very pretty name. We will head back to the shire tomorrow and I will be back in the big smoke by Wednesday. Too brief a holiday for my liking, sob, but very very wonderful. Speak soon my lovelies! Mwah! Xxx

2 pitchers in 50 mins, not bad going!