Little Pip meets baby Henry.

Little Pip the knitted rabbit has been on a very big adventure. In his little ship, the SS Parcel Box, he journeyed north on a sea of post to Staffordshire where he was united with his new owner, the adorably cute and very diddy little baby  Henry.

Pip is a very happy little bunny indeed. He is looking forward to lots of lovely cuddles and many more adventures with gorgeous little Henry.



Monkey business

I was recently comissioned to knit a little toy Monkey for a little girl called Isla, who is 4 years old and completely monkey mad!

And here she is, cheeky Miss Monkey, all finished and ready to meet little Isla.

 She’s even got Isla’s name on her dress so there will be no mistaking just who this monkey belongs to.

A new member of the knitted creation collective

There is a new member of the knitted creation collective and Barkley is his name.

Say hello Barkley….

I think he’s a little shy….

He’s only tiny, a mere 7 1/2 inches from top to toe, but every ickle bit of him very cuddly and cute. He is sadly an orphan, left in the little blue knitting case by the knitting needles and balls of wool, not created with any particular owner in mind. I think I will help to find him an owner by placing him in my shop, but first I want to create him a little dog house to live in. For now Barkley is keeping me company in the sewing lab, excitedly awaiting the big adventure that will follow finding him a new home.