Cats and dogs.

My fabulously wonderful, gorgeously lovely friend Isi recently commissioned me to create a little knitted dog and a little knitted cat for some beautiful little babies she knows.

And here they are, all finished and ready to be sent off to their new owners. The little knitted dog is going to a little baby boy called JJ hence the letters on his jumper, and the little knitted cat is going to a little baby girl hence her pretty pink sweetheart pattern dress. Bon Voyage little creations, take good care of your new owners and be good!



It was a fairly typical day in the sewing laboratory, the creations were mooching, the knitting needles were clicking, the sewing machine was whirring, and as usual a few mild expletives passed by my lips as a result of the typical craft related injuries.

Knit, purl, stitch, stuff, repeat! I was on a roll, the knitting needles were practically smoking! But then something caught my attention. Something, or indeed someone, was tugging on my trouser leg. ‘Peculiar’, I thought briefly, but then again stranger things have happened in the sewing laboratory so I wasn’t entirely surprised. I glanced down to find there was a little knitted mouse gazing back at me.

“Well hello there little fellow, where did you come from?” I asked, already suspecting the answer. The little knitted mouse glanced in the direction of the little blue knitting case. “I should have guessed” I said with a smile. I picked him up and placed him on the shelf.

I knew exactly who should become the owner of this orphan little mouse. My 2nd cousin Sarah gave birth to her first child a couple of weeks ago, a baby boy called Ronnie. He was born prematurely but is thankfully making good progress.

The little mouse was very excited and very proud to belong to and look after little baby Ronnie. He was keen to look his best to meet his new owner and requested that I make him something smart to wear. I set about making him a little blue waistcoat and red jacket.

When he was all dressed up I tucked him carefully in a box and posted him off to his new home. Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby, we are all wishing you both well and sending lots of love. Xx

Jumble Cat’s holiday

Jumble Cat is off to Portugal on holiday with his new family, lucky thing! (Apparently there just wasn’t room for me in the suitcase. Pah! Excuses, excuses!).

Jumble Cat clearly wasn’t dressed for a sunny holiday in his wooly jumper, so I made him a more suitable summer outfit.

First I made him some shorts:

And then I made him a vest.

Happy holidays Jumble Cat, don’t forget to send me a postcard!

Jumble cat.

I know a lovely little ginger tabby cat called Jumble, who is owned by a lovely little girl called Josephine.

It was Josephine’s birthday a couple of weeks ago, and when I asked her what she would like she asked if I could make her a little knitted version of her Jumble cat, so I did.

Knitted Jumble

Jospehine was so thrilled with her knitted Jumble Cat that she gave me the biggest most squeeziest hug I have ever had (boa constrictors would have a hard time squeezing harder!) and ran off to play with him.  She takes him every where with her, and has even cleared out a drawer in her bedside table to make a bedroom for him, complete with his own toys, and a bed made from toilet paper and a flannel.

Knitted Jumble Cat makes himself at home.


Cyril Von Tree-Squire the knitted Squirrel

Today is a happy day here at Gizmo and Stitch towers, a new member of the knitted collective has been born!

Everyone, I would like to introduce you to Cyril Von Tree-Squire, born to the little blue knitting case in the early hours of this morning. He is 8 inches tall and weighs, erm, well, not very much, for he is made from wool and stuffing which is lightweight by nature. He is a very cuddly and good natured little creature. He is currently keeping me company in the sewing laboratory, waiting ever so patiently for me to make him some clothes to wear so that he can be all ready for adoption.

Altogether now: “Eng-er-land, Eng-er-land, Eng-er-land”!!

I have to confess that I don’t care much for the world cup, or football in general for that matter. But someone special to me does, so I created a little good luck mascot for him to hopefully give England a little more luck than they have been having recently.

This is George the football mascot, say hello George!

I popped George in the post earlier this week so hopefully he will reach his new owner in time for todays match. Come on England!! Stop being such pansies and show the world what you can do!!