A good old fashioned letter

It seems that these days my letter box’s diet mostly consists of junk mail. Yuck. I can almost hear it sigh with disappointment each morning after the postman has done his rounds. But, every now and again, something wonderful happens. I open up the lowly letter box expecting the usual unwanted rubbish to find a hand written envelope addressed to me! It makes my letter box very happy, and I get a little flutter in my heart and an excited feeling in my tummy.

Image by Dancing With Dandelionsss

You just don’t get that same feeling of excitement from an email, and sadly these days I get far more of those than I do handwritten cards or letters, and this makes me and my letterbox sad. I love the internet, but I despise how impersonal it can be. So, this year, I pledge to write more letters and cards to my friends and family in the hope that I can give them that same little buzz of excitement that I get when I receive proper post instead of the usual junk. I want to revive the joy that a letter can bring, a dying art in a modern technology driven world.

A beautiful letter writing set by Papelidades

 What better way to start my new letter writing project than with some brand new, very cute letter writing stationary! I absolutely love, love, love stationary! In fact, I have a little bit of an unhealthy obsession with it… anywho, thanks to some very talented, generous and wonderful people out there in blogland, you can download an arrary of different letter writing kits and note cards for absolutely free. Thats right, FREE! I love free, it’s my favoruite price because I am a poor and lowly student. You can download the above letter writng set, courtesy of Papelides, for free, by clicking here.

Another wonderful free letter set from Papalidades

Another wonderful free letter set from Papalidades

 You can get this one, also by Papelidades by clicking here.

Free printable Thank You letters courtesy of How About Oange

These gorgeous brightly coloured thank you letters are available for free from How About Orange by clicking here.

A fabulous free note card and envelope set courtesy of Eat Drink Chic

 And lastly this whimsical greeting card set is available to download for free thanks to Eat Drink Chic by clicking here.

I can’t wait to get started!  My first letter will be to my cousin Natasha to accept her wedding invitation. I will also write to my bestest friend in the whole wide world, Laura. She lives so far away that it makes me want to cry. I miss her oodles!  We used to send each other funny little letters in the post all the time back when we first finished university, but life tends to get stupidly busy around that time too, and so the letters fell by the way side as we simply didn’t have enough hours in the day. But, I am going to make time. I will write in lunch breaks, whilst on the train, waiting at the Doctors surgery, sitting in front of the TV, wherever there is a few spare minutes to jot something down, even if it’s just a few words. Lets revive the handwritten letter people, it brings such joy and can make a persons day 🙂 Have fun! xx