Things I’d like to do this weekend

This weekend will be the first weekend in a very long time that we have absolutely no commitments, and we are very much looking forward to it. Mr Sharp and I are both extremely exhausted from our trip and busy work schedules, and so a weekend to be lazy, recharge our batteries and do the things we love is definitely needed. For Mr Sharp I imagine it will mostly involve lot’s of x-box  playing and sitting around in his pants, for me it will largely consist of making things.

I love compiling lists, in fact, I can’t function without them! All this week I have been jotting down the various things that I would like to do this weekend and growing increasingly excited with each passing day that took me closer to Friday. This is said list:

This weekend I would like to……

1. Remain in my pyjamas from the moment I get home from work this evening until Monday morning, and drink copious amounts of tea brewed in a tea-pot and drunk from a china tea-cup.

I love these rocket pyjamas by Zade Home on

2. Knit this little pug:

It’s another Barbara Prime pattern, and they are always fun to make. You can buy her patterns on Ravelry by clicking here. I would quite like to knit him some little dungarees instead of a coat though.

3. Stuff and sew these bunnies that I knitted months ago and completely forgot about. I think they will be little girl bunnies, I’m in the mood for knitting some little dresses.

4. Do a little bit of quilting. I was inspired by this quilt that featured on the blog andothersillythings. So beautiful! With a few of my friends expecting babies in the coming months it will make a perfect baby welcoming gift .

5. Now that I know just how much cats like to play with the knitted mice that came from the little blue knitting case, I’m going to create an army of knitted mice to help make cats up and down the country very happy kitties. I will be selling the mice for £2.50 each (plus £1 p&p) to raise money for the cat rescue charity from which we got our Rosie cat.

If you would like to order one of these little knitted mice to make your cat a very happy kittie, and to support a very worthy cause in the process, please leave a comment below or email me at to place your order. Please state what colour combination you would like – you can have any colour you like!

Have a happy weekend folks! I hope you have a good’un xx

1st ever quilt

Here is a sneaky peek at my very first attempt at making a patchwork quilt.

I bought the fabric when visiting my amazingly awesome friend Laura who lives in Hereford. I’m thinking that she should be given the title of Creative Director here at Gizmo and Stitch because she always has such brilliant ideas for things I could and should make. Our tastes are so similar it’s scary! She is my soul mate in female terms and I doth love her very much.

Anywho, I digress. I fell in love with the little bundle of various fabrics as soon as I saw them, and I instantly envisaged them as a patchwork quilt. I scoured the internet for a pattern that matched the image I had in my head and found this one. It’s so straightforward to follow with lots of lovely pictures to help along the way (thanks Kelly!).

Cutting out all the many, many pieces was a tad tedious, but once I started stitching it became dangerously addictive. I couldn’t stop! I was working late into the night, and every time I told myself to step away, it wouldn’t let me. “Just one more block Amy”  it would whisper. I would lay in bed unable to sleep thinking about it!

I loved how it all started coming together, it was so very satisfying. I was thrilled with how it turned out. But now I have a problem. I have no idea how to bind and quilt the bloody thing (attaching the wadding and backing that completes the quilt). I’ve looked in my many quilting books, and I understand it in principle, I’m just a little scared to take the next step incase I mess it all up and I can’t undo what was did. So for now I have folded it neatly until I’m feeling brave enough to take the plunge. It’s still calling to me…. It’s a little unerving. It may have to wait until September when I join a quilting class and have a little guidance. I’m such a wuss and a loser.

Busy, busy, busy!!

I feel like a thing possessed at the moment!! Setting up our own business takes a lot of work, especially when you don’t really know what you’re doing. I seem to be spending an awful lot of time researching…or is it pocrastinating….can’t really decide. I keep meaning to get an early night, but as I lay in bed my head is swimming with ideas meaning I can’t sleep! I’m clocking up a considerable amount of hours in the sewing room, but I don’t seem to achieve much in a day. Making a decent living out of sewing is going to take a lot of dedication and motivation. The past few days I have been constructing a patchwork cot quilt. I think that so far it has taken me about 14 hours, I still have to bind it and quilt it so have quite a few more hours to put into it, but it is a real labour of love, I’m absolutely loving every minute of the process. Photo’s to follow. I also completed my first real commissioned piece; a soft toy for a christening. I’m thrilled with the way it turned out, and I have been commissioned to make another one for another christening! yay!